Logistics for working together

Just the basics — last update September 2023.


I work through my Portuguese business entity, dba "Dave's Research Company."

  • Entity—
    David Bradford Hora Unipessoal Lda.
  • Office—
    Rua da Torrinha 62, RC003
    4050-609 Porto
  • VAT ID—

Comms and Coordination

  • Coordinating with dave@davesresearch by email is the easy default.
  • For team projects, I join your comms platform (e.g., Slack, Discord, Element) in whatever capacity is appropriate.
  • We open a WhatsApp/Signal/Telegram line for time-sensitive work.
  • Your IT team may prefer to create a new internal user for me to manage access and keep our work on your internal platforms. That's great, too.

Documents and Agreements

  • For packaged projects and retainers, I create a Statement of Work along with my proposal that covers everything we've agreed on and the constraints as I understand them.
  • I send standard NDAs or Consulting Agreements at your request: most client legal teams prefer to supply their own NDA and Consulting Agreement.
  • Just let me know what else you or your team will need to get set up.

Payment and Invoicing

I need your business name, business address, and tax ID for my billing. The rest is flexible.

  • Invoice to Finance/AP: I'll invoice at end-of-month for hours worked or the project or retainer structure we've defined.
  • Credit Card: I'll send a link for direct credit/debit payments. We can generate a simple receipt or a full invoice for these payments.
  • Other arrangements: Some clients prefer 3rd party payment providers like Deel. Equity is interesting for long-term advisorships. We do what works.

Note: I'm legally required to charge additional VAT (23%) only when I work with other Portuguese entities.