Situational Problem-Solving Session

→ A 1:1 that answers your most pressing insights challenge - €300

Is your product initiative going cold? Continuous discovery not cutting it?
Does it feel like you don't have the right information to make good decisions?

☑ We sketch an approach to a specific and critical challenge you're facing.
☑ Tactical or strategic, we make sure you have clear and actionable next steps. 

“Effective User Research” private talk + Q&A

→ Upskill your team and get everyone on the same page - €2500

Does your team understand why and how certain information will improve their work? Are they excited about mitigating risks and addressing new opportunities?

☑ I'll present the latest evolution of the ideas that brought modern user research to the teams at Instacart, PlanGrid, and ResearchGate.
☑ A custom-tailored private talk, team Q&A
☑ Ideal for a team-building "Lunch and Learn" session — remote or in-person!

Product Risks & Critical Questions workshop

→ Prepare your team for an upcoming product initiative - €4500

How can you develop with customer-feedback loops? What's your strategy for reaching the MVP scope? How will we coordinate our beta launch?

☑ A private presentation: the same one used to introduce the teams at Instacart, PlanGrid, and ResearchGate to the modern perspective on user research
☑ Q&A and immediately-relevant tactical discussion with your team, for as long as they would like after the talk

Consulting and Projects 

→ We scope specific results and work together - custom, fixed price

We discuss your challenge: I'll offer a clearly-scoped proposal, or introduce you to the people in my network who might be the best fit.