The Research Skills We Need to Succeed

Companion Page to the talk at UXRConf Anywhere 2021
Dave Hora, February 26, 2021

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1. Skills, Mapping, and Profiling

The talk is introducing new ways to think and work with the Research Skills Framework (RSF). It starts with the basic building blocks shown on the cheatsheet.

Everything builds up to the value chain in the first half. This is the core hypothesis about how skills fit together and a path for growing as a researcher.

RSF & Tools You Can Use

All of the material in this talk is available to you and open source at The Research Skills Framework is a living project developed by the ResearchOps Community. I led the project over the course of a couple years with co-conspirator Tomomi Sasaki.

Skills Inventory - Self Rating Tool

Build your own map:

Planning out a project with patterns:

Resources & References

1. Simon Wardley's Wardley Mapping

Wardley Mapping is the open-source framework we use for understanding the evolution of research skills. It was designed to understand the evolution of sociotechnical capital and depict the strategic landscape for technology business—and it contains such a useful breadth of insight.

2. More Background

3. Bonus Material