Loops and Cycles

A weekly mailing list on the processes that shape effective products and organizations.
Loops and Cycles

For forward-thinking leaders in research, product, and design who want to see good work come to life. Join the list and get Loops and Cycles in your inbox once every week.

We explore the product development process from a researcher's perspective: a researcher examining how organizations work, how products come to life, and the mindsets and awareness that our teams need to succeed.

This is an invitation to join the exploration. Loops is a bit more raw than the essays and resources published on the site: a short bite, the beginning of a thought, and a hypothesis you can carry into your practice or discuss with your team each week.

Give it a go — if you don't like it, you can always leave.


Teaching People to Play (LC06)
It’s difficult to remember what it was like when we didn’t know what we do now.
Maintaining Models (LC05)
Everything decays — even the pictures we use to represent reality.
Three Levels of Scale (LC04)
Work in product organizations operates across three levels of scale.
Focus and Sense (LC03)
Organizations need strategic focus and sensing mechanisms to grow useful new capabilities.
Process vs. Sequence (LC02)
Working in healthy sequences keeps our teams moving forward confidently and steadily.
A Guiding Metaphor (LC01)
Our organizations adapt to the external world: once there’s fit, they both re-shape each other.
Twice in my life, I've successfully foraged for chanterelles.

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