Consulting & Projects

We work together on projects that drive good strategy and better product outcomes.

I engage with a handful of clients each year on custom projects. We focus on critical product strategy decisions and pragmatic learning in the organization.

The sweet spot — recognizing and realizing new value:
  • Visualizing ecosystem motion and identifying strategic opportunity;
  • Navigating invest-or-avoid decisions for high-stakes ideas in the org;
  • Turning strong insights into MVPs, customer pilots, and betas.

I also offer a few pre-packaged services on a fixed price and shorter timescale:

  • Team training on effective feedback loops and research best practices;
  • Research roadmap: product-strategy and user-insight diagnosis;
  • Private talks: Research 101, Research 201, and Research Over-9000.

To learn about working together, send an email to

A concentrated sphere of strategic insight.

My engagements are custom-built depending on your organization and your needs. The first step is understanding your context before we discuss a scope or proposal.

If I'm not the right partner for your needs, I'll introduce you to smart and talented people in my network who may be.

Dave's Research Co.

Helping teams shape and ship good product — research consulting and product strategy with a B2B focus.

Dave's Research Co.

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