To achieve our goals strategically, we must understand and respect the world-as-it-is, while taking action to change what as-it-is means. Design and user research play an increasingly important role in this process.

They're at the root of an effective approach to systemic change: understand our landscape, model it at the right level of abstraction, work with the most important decision at hand, experiment, act, learn, integrate... repeat... repeat... and so on.

While it's not easy, the approach is rather ordinary and straightforward. Good practice is grounded in participatory processes, evidence-based learning, and generative action, with an eye always on outcomes and strategic impact.

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I work with designers and researchers on developing their craft and approach, and partner with teams for strategic project cycles. See my services, and I hope some of these resources on research will be useful for you.

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2021 & 2022 R&D subject area: I'm investigating the nature of organizations that allow healthy work to spring forth, and the applied use of pattern languages as governing structure for projects & organizations. Looking for co-conspirators or other, interested investigators.