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Recommendations for Friends

(copied from; last update July 2024)

Good Drink

  • Prova - great wine, glass and bottle - say hi to Diogo and João for me
  • Gito - tiny little wine spot, good range from funky to civil
  • Cave Bombarda - natural wine bottle shop and hangout
  • Catraio - craft beer with a surprising back garden
  • Torto - nicely did cocktails
  • Wine Quay Bar - snag a river-view seat on the stone ledge
  • Cave do Bon Vivant - a 'rock and roll' natural wine bar
  • Arco das Verdades: new on the radar, unvisited

Where to stay?

  • Look at Cedofeita or Bonfim: a bit out of the center and within walking distance to all the food, drink, walks, and sights you want to see.
  • The best strategy, if you're peeking at the map, is to find lodging near near the 'Hakko—Genuino—Catraio' triangle (Cedofeita), or near the 'TerraPlana—A Certain Cafe—Armazém da Cerveja' triangle (Bonfirm)

Local Wine Producers to Look For

  • Dão: Antonio Madeira, Textura, Quinta da Pellada, Vizinho Vinhateiro, Casa de Mouraz
  • Douro: Luis Seabra, Quinta da Costa de Pinhão, Pormenor, Quinta da Carolina, Muxagat
  • Bairrada: Filipa Pato, Vadio
  • Vinho Verde: Aphros, Sarava, Luis Seabra (Granito Cru)
  • Açores: Entre Pedras, Açores Wine Co., Ameixambar, Etnom
  • Galicia: Albamar (Rias Bias), Luis Anxo Rodrigues (Ribeiro), Mission (Ribeira Sacra), Eulogio Pomares (Rias Baixas), Xanledo (Ribeiro), Iria Otero (Ribeiro), Fulcro (Rias Baixas)

Good Food

  • Pata Gorda - the best spot for traditional, delicious food
  • Genuino - really great food, okay natural wine list, great cocktails (order an "honest but bitter" and say Dave sent you)
  • Hakko bakehouse - great lunch and excellent baked things
  • Generosa - unbelievable bread and baked goods; roman pizza by the slice; killer cookies and cinnamon rolls
  • Gharb - always open and lentil soup + kebab is a killer combo
  • Xau Laura - easygoing Portuguese food: get sande de pernil c/ queijão
  • Gazela - get the famous cachorrinho
  • Epoca cafe - weekday lunch, Turkish eggs are something special, and everything is always nicely done
  • Muti pizza - real nice pizza I really like it
  • Domo - great tasting menu: come for the food, stay for the wine list
  • Fernando (near airport) - traditional, famous for cabrito, great wine list
  • Francesinhas - ignore unless you're well on the way to a hangover


  • CRU Loja - best coffee beans, Senzu
  • Von and Vonnie
  • SO Roasters
  • Calma Coffee Room
  • (Also from food: Protest, Hakko, A Certain Cafe)

Parks and Walks

  • Parque das Virtudes - great park with river views, calm, bring a book, or friends and a bottle (don't mistake the nearby and always-open hangout-drinking-smoking-fun-zone of Passeio das Virtudes for the park)
  • Foz Lighthouse - walk along the Douro til it meets the ocean from ribeira zone (you can also take the 500 bus along this route if you're lazy on the way back)
  • Palacio Crystal - park with good views and interesting birds
  • Dom Henrique Bridge -> Jardim de Morro - a prime sunset spot
  • Afurada - walk along the south side of the Douro for fresh seafood lunch: go to Taberna Sao Pedro or Casa do Pescador
  • Capela do Senhor da Pedra - walk +2h along the ocean to beach chapel (south side of the river)
  • Inland boardwalk - Go upriver from the south side of Dom Henrique

Day Trips

  • Douro Valley region- wine tourism, winery visits, boat rides, Pinhão (if you have time in advance try to book with Quinta do Tedo)
  • Vinho Verde region - wine tourism, winery visits
  • Dão region - Viseu, winery visits
  • Gerês - national park with great hikes
  • Galicia - favorite region of Spain, wine and food and landscape
  • Arouca - suspension bridge hike etc.
  • Braga, Coimbra, Viseu, Pinhão, Regua

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