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Research Skills Framework
The framework breaks down the range of skills necessary for modern user research, and provides a number of perspectives and tools for skills and career growth.
  • The Research Skills Framework, published in 2020, is a project I co-led with Tomomi Sasaki and hundreds of volunteers from the ReOps Community and beyond. We answer: what are the skills and capabilities that researchers and research teams need to succeed in and empower the organization?
The Researcher’s Journey: leveling up as a user researcher
The growth of a researcher through Process Mastery, Technical Competence, and Organizational Influence.
  • "The researcher's journey" in 2017 was my first attempt at breaking down skills, growth, and progression of a UX/user researcher, after working in the field for 7 years and starting my own team. It's a useful look at researcher-growth in isolation — on reflection, I see its shortcoming as the lack of contextual hooks into design and the product development process.

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